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Copyright 2021 kt4obx.  All rights reserved.

Unless specifically noted otherwise, all images on are copyrighted material belonging to kt4obx and are not "free" or in the public domain.  If you would like to use any of my images from my page, below are my terms and conditions:

For non-commercial and/or use by educational institutions:
  1. Request prior permission by contacting me using the convenient form at https:/  indicating the URL of all the items you would like to use
  2. Items are for web-use only
  3. No print or reproduction use allowed without prior written permission
  4. All items used must contain notice of copyright [ kt4obx]
  5. All items used must contain a live link back to
I reserve the right to refuse to give permission if I feel the proposed use is not appropriate, so be prepared to send me a link and description of how you are going to use the images.  I can't imagine what an inappropriate use would be, but over the years I have learned not to be surprised by anyone or anything on the World Wide Web.

For commerical or non-educational use, purchasing photos, reprints, or any modifications from the above requirements listed above, contact me using the convenient form at  for information.