I took the Technician Ham license exam in May of this year at the Onslow Amateur Radio Club.  I was issued call sign ko4qdg by the FCC.  I applied for an easier to remember vanity call sign kt4obx soon after.  My current radio is an inexpensive AnyTone 778UV with 25 watts of power.  The 778 operates on both the VHF 2 meter band and the VHF 70 cm band.  The Carteret Amateur Radio Society has a repeater about 6 miles from my house that I can transmit through to talk to people in other parts of North Carolina.  I also have a Baofeng UV-R5 handheld radio with 5 watts of power.  I use EchoLink to talk to people in other states.  Most of the time I am listening on the Newport (k4grw) repeater on 145.450.

I took and passed the General Ham license exam in July of this year.

Why kt4obx?

Well, "ko4qdg" is hard to remember.  I used to live in a little community that's now a part of the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area called Katy, Texas (kt).  Today, I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (obx).  The "4" is required as the FCC region identifier, so kt4obx was easy for me to remember.  

Morehead City, NC
UTC  -4
Greenwich Mean Time
Frankfurt, Germany
UTC +2
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
UTC +3

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